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Maa Bearing Companyis a sole Proprietorship Company, was founded in 2001 and is now one of the largest Importer, Stockiest, Distributor and Whole sellers of spare Parts for 2/3 Wheelers vehicles, Ball and Roller Bearings, Tyre Tubes around the Country, meet primary requirements of the Wholesalers, replacement markets and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

The company carries spare parts for most of 2/3 wheelers vehicles running around the country, Ball & Roller bearings for used in almost all industries and products, such as in transportation, electronics, construction, marine and Tyre Tubes for used in all kinds of heavy and light duty vehicles.

Maa Bearing head office is in main market of Auto Spare Parts/Bearings in Dhaka our selling points covering the sells targets by strong experienced persons around the country.

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